Progressive Dining On Vacation

Picking places to eat while on vacation can be overwhelming. There are so many new restaurants and foods to try, it seems impossible to hit each hot spot when you’re traveling. However, it can be done with a little planning and progressive dining.

Ask your concierge where the best appetizers are. Find out which restaurants have the best main course and where you should go for dessert. Ask the locals what they order at their favorite restaurants. Make a list of dining establishments you’d like to try, along with recommended dishes to try. Next, get a map.

If you’re walking, pick a progressive dining course within a reasonable distance to your hotel. For convenience, try to loop your route, one that starts and finishes near your lodging. If you’re driving and have no time constraints, pick the restaurants that most interest you.

At your first stop order a few appetizers. Go with the local’s picks or ask your server for recommendations. Take in the atmosphere and vibe, enjoy a cocktail and relax. When you’re done with your first course, make your way to the second stop.


Order your main course at the second restaurant. If you have several people in your group, split the meals so you each get tastes of several different dishes. Take your time and let your food settle before finding dessert.

Get to your dessert location and order a few sweets to share. Talk to the locals and ask what’s best. If the weather cooperates, ask for dessert to go and walk back to your hotel or wander the quaint streets of your vacation spot.

Don’t forgo the best meals when on vacation. Try progressive dining for an experience that goes beyond simply eating.