Inexpensive Holiday Getaways

Holidays can be expensive, and when you add travel costs into the mix, holidays can cost you a small fortune. If you’re looking to just get out of town for a few days, it can be done without breaking the bank. There are ways to have inexpensive holiday getaways.

Stay with friends or family instead of a hotel. If you’ve got relatives or friends that live in a location you’d like to spend your holiday, ask if you can crash with them. Do this well in advance so as not to screw with their holiday plans. Chances are you’ll be more than welcome. Holidays, for most people, revolve around friends and family.

Split the travel and lodging costs with a group of people. Carpool to your destination and fill hotel rooms to capacity or rent a cabin and split the cost. Cook together or eat out at inexpensive restaurants.


Take a holiday vacation in your backyard, or at least within your region. Often times, people don’t explore or appreciate their neck of the woods like tourists do. Take advantage of your holiday time off and stay at a B&B within a few hours of your home. Get acquainted with the area and spend time browsing through antique shops, museums and galleries.

Book your travel months in advance and go to an “off-season” location. Prices on lodging and many activities will be reduced and you likely won’t have to deal with crowds or long waits to get in restaurants.

If you don’t care where you go, look into last minute travel deals for reduced flights, cruises and train trips. Sometimes these are not advertised to talk to your travel agent or call the provider.

Use name-your-own-price sites, like Priceline, or auction sites to bid on reduced vacation packages.