Adventure Activities For One

Going solo gives some people anxiety, but for others it’s an excuse for an awesome adventure. The travel industry understands this, so there are several adventure activities for one listed on various websites, travel newsletters and resort boards. Solo travelers are brave by design, so it only makes sense for them to seek adventure while on vacation. Check out some of these adventure activities for one so you can start planning your next getaway.

Adventure Women claims: “The oldest adventure travel company for active women over 30, our adventure vacations are for women traveling solo, or with sisters, mothers, daughters, and friends. We offer small, congenial, non-smoking groups for all ability levels.” This travel company sets up adventure travel for small groups of women looking for the same thing on their vacation. Many women of the groups are solo travelers, while others join with their friends or female family members. Some of the locations this group travels to include: Costa Rica, Egypt, England, Mongolia, Montana and Nepal. Don’t expect to sit back and watch the locals, though. These trips call for everyone to be actively involved.


Another guided adventure group, Adventure Activities Snowdonia is based in North Wales and is run by two outdoor enthusiasts. This operation offers canoe trips, cycling tours, mountain navigation training and mountain climbing adventures, among other outdoor activities. Activities are geared toward your ability and experience, so even if you’ve never tried to climb a rock wall at the gym, these guys will teach you how to scale a sheer mountain with guide ropes and competent instructors.

If you feel like going it alone and are comfortable with your cycling skills, load up your bike and provisions, get to the local bike path and ride. Go for as long as you like. You’ll see parts of the region that are never seen from a car. If your vacation spot doesn’t have a bike path, talk to the local cycling shop and ask where to go. They may have maps for you, as well as any equipment you’ll need. Some cycling shops even sponsor a riding club. Most memberships are free.